The relevance of Branding or corporate identity for companies is not an issue that is already discussed. However, the strategies to transfer the personality of a brand encompass more and more scenarios. The communication and marketing departments work to take branding actions not only externally, but also internally. Something also known as Employee Branding .

Yesterday the Spanish Association of Branding companies held an event in the capital of Madrid to present a barometer on how national companies look after and treat their brand. A study in which they indicate the needs and challenges that are presented in this communicative field for 2018.

And it is that all the experts in Communication and Marketing indicate the importance for companies to have a defined corporate identity. In fact, this aspect can play a key role in increasing sales: 59% of online consumers worldwide recommend to friends and acquaintances a brand or character if they trust it, according to Edelman

For his part, the vice president of SUMMA, Víctor Mirabet, analyzed the role of the brand and corporate social responsibility in companies in an interview with Digital Leader

"Organizations are better with strong branding"

"Organizations are better with a strong brand , with a brand that has power and that can effectively project what a brand does and says," explained Mirabet. In addition, the vice president of SUMMA highlighted one of the trends that will be protagonist throughout the year: "if employees are convinced success will be much safer."

This is how internal communication is presented as another value of the brand . In fact, it is increasingly common to hear about the term Employee Branding , although the concept behind this terminology is not new. A clear example is the Observatory of internal communication, that was born at the hand of Atrevia in 2001 with the intention to measure the value that Internal Communication brings to organizations and institutions.

From business relationships, relationships with employees, the perception of customers, to the values ​​of the company become part of the corporate identity.

The Branding is crowned this 2018 as the clear axis of the communicative strategy of any organization, institution or company at all levels. A strategy that few can ignore, and that should have the support of experts in the field.

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Publicado: 2018-11-13 por Natalia Villarrubia