Protecting your information and your company

Data and information are the most valuable components of organizations, so it is vital to keep them safe and controlled.

In evver. we have created a team dedicated to the securitization and virtualization of data that help companies not to lose information, to have full control over access to this information and prevent access to or dissemination of such information.

evver. Expertos en ciber seguridad informática para empresas

and securization

Protecting the most valuable in a company

We eliminated the physical servers in the offices, the manual backups and the risks of theft of information and equipment, taking to the encrypted cloud all the information with version recovery.

We have the best technology from Google and Microsoft to adapt to any suite that an organization uses.

Is your company's information secure?

We analyze the security protocols of the company to know the possible leaks of information being able to remedy and solving the possible problems that may cause.

Our services pursue the identification of the State of Security of an organization through two complementary approaches, by means of Risk Analysis of Information Systems or by comparison with a standard.

evver. Expertos en ciber seguridad informática para empresas

and trainning

Understand how much important the security is, is the first step

We take charge of carrying out internal communication actions to help raise the awareness of the employees of an organization of the importance of security protocols and to keep the confidential information of the company safe.

We avoid that the most vulnerable part, such as employees, harms the security of the rest of the organization.

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